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It can be inconsistent in terms of the amount of space given to, say, some issues over others. There was also no mention of the rhetorical situation: Chapters in the text address real-world examples and seek to connect communication techniques to workplace and technical contexts.

Clarity and intelligibility are essentials, and the text appears to work within those frameworks. Text boxes tend to exceed the width of the page and cannot therefore be read. best essay writing services reviews blog Ethical concepts are generally brief, but clear as to impact on the STEM fields. I could definitely see the potential of a teacher taking certain sections and incorporating them into class notes or as a customized resource.

For example, the texting section may need to be updated within the next year to account for newer texting apps and conventions. For example, many of the linked reports are nearly twenty years old, and while they may demonstrate many of the writing principles that stay constant over time, they do not demonstrate contemporary expectations for design, and the topics are so dated as to make them seem irrelevant to most students. help on writing a research paper youtube It covers current topics and concerns, but also includes all the traditional topics expected for Technical Writing courses. Donate Premium Sign in.

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The book doesn't completely fit the course in technical writing that I teach but I would consider using if it did. Although the charts and graphics conveyed when printed, the videos, understandably, did not. Technical writing services pdf download And in terms of this topic, topics like those deserve their own exploration. As mentioned in my first comment, the textbook could benefit from separating technical writing and professional writing as they are separate disciplines.

Some arguments cannot be made in three short paragraphs. It is easy to use and access. Technical writing services pdf download There was no mention of the writing process, a confusing oversight on two fronts.

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This text is well organized with topics appropriate to technical writing, and I will consider using it in technical writing and workplace writing courses for first- and second-year students. Those sections are adequate, but I would like to see more content in general. professional paper writing services legal The voice of the text is one that I feel students would appreciate - let's get to the point! I did not expect to find an open textbook as useful or well-constructed as this is. It is particularly good at using graphics to shape ideas which is a factor in more and more writing courses.

Any changes could be quickly made. This text excels as a modular work. phd degree by mail The authors do an excellent job of adhering to plain language principles. Due to the objective nature of most technical writing, this book certainly follows suit and contains little in terms of bias or subjectivity.

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The voice of the text is one that I feel students would appreciate - let's get to the point! The text does not cover multi-cultural audience in The book is clearly arranged into chapters with clear titles and headings. I did not encounter ethnicity- or gender-specific language in the text.

This is especially true of several introductory sections. Its authors clearly understand and practice technical communication, and its integration of external tools and links are current, complete, and appropriate to the content of the text itself. Technical writing services pdf download I look forward to seeing subsequent editions.

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